Shoe Drive

CCS Shoe Drive

Fundraiser and Micro-Enterprise Project

Cincinnati Christian Schools is conducting a shoe drive fundraiser beginning on September 12, 2017. The school will earn funds based on the total weight of the pairs of gently worn, used and new shoes collected, as Funds2Orgs will issue a check for the collected shoes.

All donated shoes will then be distributed throughout the Funds2Orgs network of micro-enterprise (small business) partners. Funds2Orgs works with micro-entrepreneurs in helping them create, maintain and grow small businesses in developing countries where economic opportunity and jobs are limited. Proceeds from the sales of the shoes collected in shoe drive fundraisers are used to feed, clothe and house their families.  Some of the micro-enterprise partners are in the Dominican Republic.  Our sister school Colegio Evangelico Díos Da La Sabiduría is in the DR in Villa Gonzalez, and our students volunteer there every year providing aid. They know firsthand the limited opportunities available there.


Parents and students can drop off bags of shoes in the white collection boxes at:

  • Elementary Campus Office
  • JH/SH Campus Front and Athletic Lobbies


We will run this program from September 12 until December 12.

How many shoes?

We are hoping to collect 7,500 pairs of shoes. That amounts to about 25 pairs of shoes per family. That sounds like a lot, but Mrs. Barthelemy already has 30 pairs. Outside of our own closets, let’s ask our relatives, friends and neighbors. It is for a good cause and it is a lot less awkward than selling them magazines.

If 25 pairs of shoes are just not possible, send in what you can. Maybe someone else can find 50 pairs!

I am very hopeful that this will be both an effective fundraiser for the school and a blessing to others.

In Christ,
Wayne Beaver
CCS Superintendent