CCS exists to train, equip, and disciple students to impact the world around them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  In light of that purpose, CCS emphasizes and creates missions work opportunities for the CCS community.  Various missions trips occur because CCS is committed to sharing the Gospel and the love of Christ Jesus with the world.  This evangelistic compulsion is part of our school’s culture and the formation of our young people into mature followers of Jesus Christ who will live out the Great Commission to make disciples of all nations.

The goal of missions work at or connected to CCS is multi-faceted.  First, CCS wants to reach the world around it with the Gospel and saving grace of God in Christ Jesus.  Second, missions trips are an opportunity to educate, equip, train, lead, and disciple our students and CCS community into more mature followers of Jesus Christ.  Finally, CCS is committed to honoring God with its resources, people, life, and opportunities.  Doing so means self-sacrificially reaching the world when and how we can with the Gospel, the practical love of Christ, and service that builds up others in their pursuit of God.

Houston Mission Trip

In August 2017, after hurricane Harvey left devastating effects on areas of Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico, CCS considered how to respond. Should we raise money? Should we send supplies? Should we try to GO? With so much immediate relief from around the nation, we looked into opportunities to continue to help later.

We learned that Samaritan’s Purse was an organization that committed to working in Houston Texas to clean up, repair, and rebuild homes. In April of 2018 and again in April of 2019 a group students, parents, and staff committed to partnering with Samaritan’s Purse over our spring break. The group did demolition, roofing, power washing, painting, flooring, and hung dry wall, insulation, and cabinetry. We scrubbed outside walls to remove mold, scraped paint, and hauled debris into dumpsters. We trimmed trees, removed poison ivy., and installed a fence. We learned to use all kinds of power tools. But the most impactful work was in meeting and getting to know the homeowners, along with other people we met along the way. We learned that it was about more than just the physical labor…God reminded us that it’s the people who matter most.