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Order Your 2018-19 Elementary yearbook NOW!

Elementary Yearbook Ordering Instructions

If you would like a 2018-19 elementary yearbook, you will need to order one, and to make it easy, you can do so online! Only families who order a yearbook by the end of March will receive a copy in May.

Yearbook base price is $18.00. There may be an additional charge if you elect for optional personalization of the front cover. Again, only families who order a yearbook will receive a copy in May.

Simply go to and enter the following school ID code #12392319. Then follow the online prompts.

There will be two paper flyer sales opportunities available throughout the year for payment options other than online. Please stay tuned for those opportunities if you do not want to purchase the book online.

General questions about the yearbook can be directed to Susan Fox. Questions about ordering the yearbook should be directed to Adrianne Hubbard.

The last date to order your ELEMENTARY yearbook will be Friday, March 22nd Late orders cannot be accepted as quantities for printing need to be submitted to Lifetouch.


NOW, for a limited time you can use the order form that will come home with your child to send in a check if you prefer this payment method.  The yearbook price is $18.00.  Please make your check payable to LIFETOUCH and send it into school with the order form BY FRIDAY, MARCH 22, 2019.  If you need any additional order froms click the link below.



Click for the Elementary Yearbook Order Form


Elementary Photos Needed for the Yearbook, Please!

  • Submit TODAY! The submission deadline is Friday, March 8, 2019.
  • Currently, we need photos in these areas: sports related, field trips, after school activities and any other mission or special events
  • Please use the following guidelines when submitting your pictures:
    • Include any summer activities prior to the start of the school year.
    • Pictures from cell phones or other devices need to be sent at the highest quality or largest file size settings. Lower quality cell phone submissions can't be used.
    • Send Images! There are a variety of ways to submit pictures; some of them new this year!
      • Google Drive is a great way to share a folder of uploaded pictures, if you have many pictures to share.
      • - Simply attach the pictures to an email (no more than four at a time, please!), and send them to this email address. If you have many pictures to send, consider creating a folder via Google Drive and sharing the folder with the above email address.
      • Community Upload at Lifetouch - We have a community upload at Lifetouch where you can upload pictures directly. Please do not use this for purchasing a yearbook; this is for uploading photos only. Please visit:, enter our school code: NTXYFG, and follow the onscreen prompts to create your account for upload.
      • Mail/bring in any pictures. (Yes, old fashioned printed kind!) - They will be scanned and returned to you. (Please specify the student name on the picture so it can be returned appropriately.)
      • Submit a CD or DVD of any pictures. (Please specify the student name on the picture so it can be returned appropriately.)
      • Submit USB (flash) drive of any pictures. (Please specify the student name on the picture so it can be returned appropriately.)
      • If you use your own online picture hosting site such as Shutterfly, IMGUR, Photobucket, etc., and wish to set up permissions or file sharing, please contact Mrs. Fox in order to do so.

Questions about photo submissions should be directed to Mrs. Susan Fox. Thank you, in advance, for help making the yearbook the best representation of our school, as well as helping us highlight the great things that our students and staff achieve over the year!