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Thank you for your willingness to volunteer!

When you become part of the CCS family, you agree to serve 20 (or more) volunteer hours per school year between the two parents.

Why should you volunteer?

There are a few reasons this service is necessary:

  • It fosters the feeling of CCS community and a unity of believers.
  • It gives opportunities for parents to interact with and get to know other parents.
  • It helps keep school resource costs down, which helps keep tuition costs down.

What is a volunteer/chaperone?

At CCS, some volunteers/chaperones will require a background check. If a volunteer/chaperone will be involved in a school activity where he/she will be with students unsupervised by a staff member, then that volunteer/chaperone will require a background check. (See instructions below.)

How can you volunteer?

Please know that you can probably volunteer in any school-related area or event that takes place; we encourage all parents to just ask if they can help in any way. But, we also want to make the open volunteer opportunities as well communicated as possible. The following is a list of places for you to check regularly for these opportunities:

  • The VIP Report, emailed weekly. (Click The VIP Report tab to the left for back issues.)
  • The Volunteer Opportunities Lists - These lists (see and click below) are generated per campus and updated once or twice during the school year. Hard copies can also be found in each campus lobby.
  • You can also click the "Fundraisers" tab to the left (then "current fundraisers") for more volunteer opportunities that come up throughout the school year. Teachers and staff often need parents' help when doing a new fundraiser.

Click Volunteer Opportunities List (Elementary Campus)

Click Volunteer Opportunities List (Junior/Senior High Campus)

School Volunteer Policy

If a background check is required:

If you are going to volunteer by directly chaperoning or supervising students in some way, such as a field trip, it will be necessary for you to complete a couple of extra steps. Background checks are required each year a parent participates.

  • Complete the Volunteer Application (once per school year).
  • A background check will then be completed.
  • You will need to view a safety video with brief test at the end of the video. (This step takes about two hours to complete and is not necessary each school year, only once.)

How long the background check takes depends on how quickly you move through the steps. It is best to please take these steps early in the year, so you can already be through the process before the volunteering activity takes place. Once you complete this process, you will be added to a master list in which all CCS teachers can see you have been approved for this type of volunteer service.

To get the process started, please contact Peggy Head, Admissions Director; she will forward a more thorough explanation of what to expect in this process and the application. You can also reach her by calling the Administrative Offices at (513) 892-8500, ext. 1011.

Volunteer Letter and Application

Track Volunteer Hours:

RenWeb (, is where you can easily record your annual volunteer hours. Please remember to do this throughout the year, and remember that each parent enters their hours separately. (FYI: There is a RenWeb app available for your smart phone.)

If you are already signed up for RenWeb, you don’t have to do any new setup each year. Follow detailed steps here: Parent Volunteering Information

If you are not signed up for RenWeb yet, go to the home page, click RenWeb in the blue “Quick Links.” This takes you to the RenWeb website. Step-by-step instructions are available, if needed, by referencing the Computer System/Software Registration & Update Instructions document under "Parent Resources" in the left column.