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CCS Theatre Department Standards High

CCS has a long history of high standards in the area of performance theatre. Those who attend our shows have a hard time believing it's a high school performance.  Along with that high excellence standard comes, not only a fine-tuning of all levels of talent, but great efforts in many areas and hard work.

What does "play week" at CCS mean exactly? Well, our Junior/Senior High Campus prepares for months before each play/musical, which typically take place every October and March.

Since CCS doesn't have a theater in which to perform, our cast and tech crew (student volunteers) rehearse after school in our drama room and/or cafeteria. Then, our fall performances are actually held at the Fairfield Community Arts Center each year, while the spring performances are held at the Aronoff Center in downtown Cincinnati, Jarson Kaplan Theater. You can imagine what effects changing the venue would have on the cast and crew the week of the actual performances! It affects the entire school on some level.

A few key things take place during play week:

  • All sets and technical equipment will be moved to the Fairfield Community Arts Center or the Aronoff Center the weekend before and beginning of that week. That's a lot of logistics coordination!
  • The CCS tech crew, as well as the student cast, will have to "relearn" where they are supposed to stand, enter, redo lighting, etc. It's a lot of "week-of" adjustments, fine-tuning and reblocking.
  • Teachers and staff know up front how "play week" affects the students who are in the cast and tech crew, so they too make adjustments in their classrooms and schedules. (Important to note that every participating student is still expected to complete all regular assignments on time.)
  • Most CCS grade levels attend special matinee performances during that week as well, so teachers and staff are making appropriate adjustments for those field trips all week as well.

So you can see how "play week" is really a CCS team effort!  And every performance season, the efforts and hard work pays off beautifully! Bravo, everyone!

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