Students riding a train

Student Travel Opportunities

CCS junior/senior high students have a wonderful variety of travel opportunities during any given school year. Some of these trips are annual, and some are every couple of years. Some are international, and some are within the United States. Some are mission trips, some are educational trips, and some are just for fun!

Here is a list of some of these travel opportunities that may come up:

  • Washington D.C. (annual trip for 8th graders only)
  • Project Mañana (CCS's sister school with Colegio Evangelico Dios Da La Sabiduría - "God Gives the Wisdom Christian School," -  located in Villa González, Dominican Republic). This is an annual mission trip led by Gina Smearsoll and/or Stephanie Heid and/or Ben Gillens.
  • Global Experience - These annual, educational trips are open to high school students and their family members, and are led by various teachers. Past countries visited include France, Switzerland, Ireland, Italy, and Germany. Current trips planned include Italy and Greece in 2017, Costa Rica in 2018, and Great Britain in 2019. Students participating in Global Experiences may have the opportunity to receive a semester of credit in a variety of subject areas, depending upon the trip. 
  • Germany (educational trip taken every other year, led by our German Teacher, Frau Ann Shroeder)
  • Virginia Beach (annual senior trip taken in the spring)
  • Puerto Rico (annual mission trip taken by the girls' volleyball team)