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S.L.E.W. (Spiritual Life Emphasis Week)


Each year, an entire week of school at CCS is dedicated to growing our students' love for Christ and teaching/reinforcing Christ's example to "live out" our faith. This mission-minded attitude is meant for all Christians to have daily. S.L.E.W. is dedicated and designed with a different theme each year to show students how to do just that.

Parents are strongly encouraged to join the students for chapel each day!

Each school year, S.L.E.W. can be formatted differently. Students may experience the following format or a slightly different version of it:

  • Chapel, with inspirational group worship time and devotion each day 
  • Four days of special workshops designed to equip them to live out their faith 
  • One day on a mini-mission trip to inner-city Hamilton to live out God’s mission for them to serve the “least of these.”  

Our Goal with the Mini-mission Trips:

Each student will have an experience not only working on a project (like cleaning or making lunch), but more importantly, interacting with the people from that facility. For example, if it’s the Serve City Homeless Shelter, the students will interact with the homeless (of course in a safe, supervised manner).

Our Perspective:

We must keep students safe, but not necessarily keep them comfortable. We want to stretch them outside their normal comfort zones to allow them to experience the command to be salt and light to the world around us, as Christ, our ultimate example, did.

Emphasizing Lifestyle, Not an Event:

Through these mini-mission trips, we want to encourage students to make serving part of their lifestyle, not a one-time event. Therefore, we’re attempting to have a student (or group of students) be a contact for each facility we visit in order to organize ongoing and future events at each facility. For example, students can organize, make, and serve a meal for the Serve City Homeless Shelter on a regular basis. Or, students can organize a day and time for all students to walk/pray the path of ministries throughout Hamilton (to continue the “Out and About” mission trip).

Charge to Parents to Be Involved

At CCS, the staff/parent relationship is a partnership to equip, train, and disciple students to follow Christ and impact culture; that is the school's mission. Thus, during S.L.E.W., parents are highly encouraged to:

  • attend the S.L.E.W. chapel times with students
  • attend the newer S.L.E.W. Parent Night, which is a time of fellowship and worship for parents, and where the Chapel Leadership Director also gives an overview of the year's S.L.E.W. theme and the lessons in which the students will be guided
  • openly discuss the theme, the lessons, the scriptures, etc. with your children at home during S.L.E.W.  -  ENGAGE with them about the information so the experience solidifies and becomes part of their spiritual foundation.

If you have any general questions about CCS S.L.E.W., please contact Shelly Hauer, our Chapel Leadership Director.

The SLEW Schedule for the Week of November 6-10, 2017