SLED Letter

September 13, 2016

Dear Parents,

My name is Shelly Hauer, and I have recently taken on the position of Chapel Director at the JH/SH campus. I have spent the past three years in the Senior High Chapel Leadership class on a daily basis, learning how the class was conducted, as well as how the director and class worked together to create a chapel service.  After having been mentored in this role, I am so honored to have been offered the position of Chapel Director, and the students have been absolutely wonderful in welcoming me.

I want to invite any and all of you as parents to come to our chapel services every Wednesday from 2-3:00 p.m. Please come and see how your students worship our God and take part in the messages from the stage. This year we are asking students to respond to the sermons. For example, during the first chapel service, students wrote on post-it notes how they planned to be servants to other students in the school. We received 286 responses back out of 309 students! There were some teacher responses mixed in. But I thought that was a great response!  

I want to also share with you some changes that were made to our school schedule before I came on board this year. In the past, we had a SLEW (spiritual life emphasis week). During this week, the students had an extended chapel for about half of the school day, lasting throughout an entire week. With this approach, students still had some classes each day of SLEW. However, this year we will be having SLEDs (spiritual life emphasis DAYS). There will be five of them scattered throughout the entire school year.  Our first SLED is Friday, September 23rd. On this day, students will spend an entire day focused on God, having no academic classes. This first SLED is emphasizing servant-hood. There will be two speakers and some activities following the speakers' sermons. There will also be a challenge to servant-hood issued by another pastor/speaker. And there will be three different times of worship throughout that day; one session led by each of our three newly-formed worship teams. We are excited to see what the Lord will accomplish through the students as they sit at the feet of Jesus for an entire day.

You may have also seen on the calendar that a Parents' SLED was originally scheduled for Thursday, September 16th. Because we have the student SLED the following week, we decided to remove the Parent SLED at this point and add it after the students' SLED, so you can hear what happened in more detail. Please look for that date to be announced soon.

I really look forward to partnering with you as parents. Feel free to contact me at 513-892-8500 (ext. 1027) or via email

With sincere gratitude,

Shelly Hauer
Chapel Leadership Director, 
JH/SH Campus, CCS