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Scholastic Art Award Winners (2015-2016)

Mrs. Ashford entered a written piece of art as a new category for CCS!
Freshman Luke Schlake won a silver key for his essay,
"A Most Accurate Worldview - Joshua 10:1-15."

Glory Lee - Quilted Blue Fashion

"Quilted Blue" by Glory Lee
Gold Key - Fashion

Living in the Lines - Mallory Custer Photography

"Living in the Lines" by Mallory Custer
Gold Key - Photography

Guardian Angel by Brooklyn Allison

"Guardian Angel" by Brooklyn Allison
Silver Key - Photography

Vegetarian Water by Bryan Snyder

"Vegetarian Water" by Bryan Snyder 
Honorable Mention - Photography

World in a Lens by Bryan Snyder

"World in a Lens" by Bryan Snyder
Honorable Mention - Photography