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Junior-Senior High Parking Lot Flow

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Before/After School Traffic Information

The Junior/Senior High Campus has a high volume of students who receive transportation from their parents each school day. Because of this the volume of cars for both morning drop off and afternoon pickup is typically a high number.  

Our goal is to relieve the traffic backup on Morris Road and maintain the safety of our CCS families as well.

The image above is a diagram sharing what the traffic flow pattern looks like. You can also download a printable version of the diagram here: New Morning Traffic Flow Diagram

Please familiarize yourself with the flow to help maximize our efficiency.

There will also be signs directing you to the proper lane.

Your cooperation with the following processes is essential:

  1. Please enter the proper lane and pull up to the top of the drop off zone or as far up as possible if you are dropping off students.

    For students and employees who drive themselves to school, after 7:30 a.m., you will need to pull into the Employee/Student Parking Lot Lane.
  2. Please have your students ready to exit the car as safely and quickly that is reasonable.
  3. Please have your students exit the car when in the marked drop off zone to expedite the process. The drop off zone is marked in yellow. Please do not drive in this zone for our students' safety.
  4. Please follow the directions of the two staff members directing traffic in the morning. This is for the safety of all.