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Hall Posters Guidelines

Teacher, parent, and/or student groups can put posters up in the junior/senior campus hallways! What a great way for our building to reflect all of the fun, exciting things going on at CCS! Any visitor should know by walking around our building that we are a hoppin' school.

A few guidelines:

  • Approval is not required prior to hanging posters.
  • Using only blue paint tape or masking tape, please! If this rule isn't adhered to, the privilege will be removed.  Thank you in advance.
  • Make the posters fun, colorful, and include all of the important information you need people to know about your event, meeting, or fundraiser.
  • Use the standard size posters.
  • Where can you hang posters?
    • with tacks, on the cork rows
    • on the hallway walls around the buildings, at about eye level
    • in the stairwells, but only on the same wall that has the bulletin boards
    • Not on doors
    • Not in the athletic lobby
    • Not in the gym, unless Mrs. Reutener or Mr. Gillens give special permission
  • Poster supplies used will be at the expense of the group that posts them.  There is no school budget for this at this time.
  • Take down poster(s) as soon as possible after the event/meeting or fundraiser is over.

IF you're not sure what you're allowed to post, you can check with Cyndi Totten, and she can help give poster ideas or "approve" them before you hang them. Again, approval is not required prior to hanging posters. The staff is assuming all posters will be appropriate.