PowerSchool RenWeb

PowerSchool (Haiku) and RenWeb Information

Computer System/Software Registration and Update Instructions include information about PowerSchool (Haiku), RenWeb, parent volunteer hours tracking, personal contact information changes, and CCS email lists.

PowerSchool (formally Haiku) is the learning management system CCS uses. It is an online system used to provide classroom content (assignments, grades, calendars, etc.) from teachers to students, 4th grade through 12th grade. It is highly recommended that parents access PowerSchool regularly, even daily, to keep informed of their child’s performance and, more importantly, to be able to discuss with them what they are learning on a regular basis. There are special parent communication tabs found through the “Extras” button. Tab examples include:

  • A homeroom tab
    • The Guidance Counselor puts information on a tab found under the “Extras” button as well, which could include special testing dates, college planning tips, scholarship leads, etc.
    • A special trips tab if applicable (8th graders will have a Washington, D.C. trip tab.)
  • A tab(s) for whatever extracurricular in which your student participates

PowerSchool is available 24/7 from home, work or on the road.  To access Haiku, go to ccs.learning.powerschool.com.

RenWeb is the student information system CCS uses. This database houses students’ personal information. It is also used to produce report cards and transcripts. RenWeb provides parents with password-secure access to their children’s data, via ParentsWeb, such as attendance, discipline records, and class schedules. It is also where a parent can access the school directory and record their volunteer hours throughout each school year. ParentsWeb is available 24/7 from home, work or on the road. (FYI: There is a RenWeb app available for your phone.)

To access RenWeb, go to www.renweb.com.

If you experience any difficulties, please contact via email

"E-Days" (Snow Days)
(Details relating to classwork due every CCS snow day.)