Global Experiences

Do you dream of traveling and experiencing the culture, landscape, and traditions of the world first-hand? The Global Experiences program is open to all CCS students in 9th through 12th grades, our alumni, staff, and parents. (In the case of a summer trip, students must have completed 9th grade.)

Students participating in Global Experiences may have the opportunity to receive a semester of credit in a variety of subject areas, depending upon the trip.

Global Experiences Vision

CCS is a place where students are provided multiple opportunities and encouraged to travel in order to understand and interact with people and cultures not their own.

Global Experiences Mission

To raise awareness of the world outside of CCS and to help students understand and begin to find a place in that world.

Global Experiences Rationale

  • Travel gives students an opportunity to open their eyes to new perspectives and break out of their cultural-centric thinking to see differing points of view, which ideally leads to empathy, compassion, and understanding.
  • Serving , both domestically and internationally, helps students see the needs of others and discover ways to help without hurting the poor they are trying to serve. Such service can also give them an appreciation for the extras they enjoy at home.
  • Studies show that travelling can boost a student’s academic performance. Such a trip can develop a newfound interest in art, history, language, ecology, philanthropy, architecture, teaching, or many other fields perhaps even leading to a career path.
  • Travel provides students with self-confidence to face new situations and courage to go outside their comfort zones.
  • The travel experience gives students a chance to interact with students from other parts of the U.S. and the world, gaining friendships and contacts in many places outside the Cincinnati area.
  • Additionally, colleges look favorably upon travel experience, which will assist CCS students in competing for spots in top schools.

Global Experiences Goals

  • CCS offers students international travel opportunities during their four years of high school.
  • Several teachers receive training and are involved in the global education program.
  • The program is sustainable, with teachers trained and in place before an existing faculty member leaves the program.

Global Experiences- The Program

A small steering team meets quarterly and lead this program. The team is made up of teachers from a variety of disciplines that have an interest in global learning, service, and travel. We will partner with reputable travel providers and trustworthy ministries to enable a consistently high quality experience for the students. 

Travel Opportunity Points

  • Language-focused travel – Spanish and German teachers travel with students to countries where those languages are primary.
  • Academic-focused travel – Teachers from different departments lead trips to a variety of different countries to learn about the history and culture of those countries or perhaps travel with a STEM or ecology/biodiversity emphasis.
  • Mission-focused travel – Teachers from different departments lead trips primarily to our sister school affiliated with Project Mañana in the Dominican Republic and the Casa Bernabe Orphanage in Guatemala.

Partner Programs

  • History/Culture, STEM, and Language tours are primarily through Education First (EF) Tours who provide training to teachers leading trips.
  • Mission trips in partnership with Project Mañana and Casa Bernabe.
  • Curriculum Advantages
  • Students traveling may receive high school or college credits for their experiences through EF Tours WeShare program and other affiliated programs.

Please contact Mrs. Susan Zaffiro at (513) 892-8500 with any questions.