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CCS Fundraisers

Throughout the year, you will see many kinds of fundraisers promoted through many kinds of venues -  from a PTF flower sale to a McDonald's dinner night to raise funds for Junior/Senior prom; from a Bengals vs. CCS staff basketball game to raise funds for the football team to 8th graders selling candles for their D.C. trip; from National Honor Society hosting a 5K for human trafficking to the Athletic Boosters selling t-shirts at a sporting event; from Fine Arts selling cookies at lunch to...You get the idea!

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Please choose to support our students through these opportunities!

Planning a Fundraiser?

Every CCS fundraiser must be screened through a specific, brief process, which includes approval by the campus principal. If you are considering hosting a CCS fundraiser, please complete the Fundraiser Request Form (below), which automatically forwards to Sarah Cotterill at the junior/senior high campus, and begins the approval process (with the appropriate principal).

ALSO, below is a link to the Event Planning Guidelines page. When planning a fundraiser, the steps listed on this page are necessary as well. There is also a section of a few helpful planning tips that will aid your event effort, making it as successful and organized as possible. It is a simple but necessary process. Thank you in advance!

Fundraiser Request Form
(Interactive and automatically sends to appropriate party after "submit" is clicked.)

Events Planning Guidelines
(Required process when planning any CCS fundraiser, along with helpful tips.)

If you have any questions, contact Sarah Cotterill.