Bowling Outreach

Event Planning Guidelines

CCS has a very healthy number of events and activities going on at both campuses each year! Some are annual events and some are more last-minute parent and/or student-led events. Some are fundraisers, or outreach service projects, or just-for-fun events. The CCS calendar is chock-full!

Because the option exists for anyone to host an event/activity, it is necessary for us to have some specific guidelines. Following them (and the helpful tips below) will allow you and your team to have a more successful and organized event, complete with appropriate, timely promotions. These guidelines were created for all CCS family to follow, this includes:

  • ALL staff (both campuses, teachers and administration),
  • ALL school organizations (such as PTF, boosters groups, etc.),
  • ALL students and student organizations (National Honor Society, clubs, etc.),
  • ALL parents (whether in a booster group or just coordinating on their own)

If you read through everything below and have questions, please don't hesitate to contact the Calendar Manager. Please note that the Calendar Manager does not have approval authority for your event/activity. In relation to events, this person is administrative support relating to scheduling assistance and promotions assistance.

Calendar Manager: Debra Sanderson, (513) 874-8500.


A fundraiser is considered an activity/event, so the necessary steps and tips below also apply. But it is FIRST necessary to complete a Fundraiser Request Form. It's an interactive form that, once "submit" is clicked, goes directly to the Calendar Manager to begin the approval process.

Access the Fundraiser Request Form here.

Service Projects and Other Events/Activities

Required and Necessary Steps

(Please follow all of these steps in order. Doing otherwise will delay the approval, scheduling, and promotion of your activity/event.)

  • All activities/events require approval from the appropriate campus Principal and/or the JH/SH Athletic Director (for JH/SH sports-related functions or larger meetings). No exceptions, and PLEASE, do not go directly to the Superintendent for approval, unless the Principal and/or Athletic Director have asked for this step to be taken. If your event is a fundraiser, please go to the "Fundraisers" section above after reading the rest of the information below, which does pertain to fundraisers as an event.
  • Once approved, call or email the Calendar Manager when choosing your date. In the case that you have a possible date chosen, then call the Calendar Manager to discuss the possibility of any conflicts with that date. There are many activities going on at both campuses that could be in conflict with your event. It has never been a CCS policy to not overlap events; overlapping happens all of the time, and it is not practical to expect anything different. Having such a large variety of activities is a blessing. That being said, note the new policy below.

    School PolicyCertain, rarer events are now given a "PROTECTED" status, meaning no other event/activity can be scheduled at the same time, sometimes even within the same evening, at either campus. This does not include athletic competitions, as those schedules are outside the control of our staff and are ever-changing. Examples: choir and band concerts, back-to-school night, open house, etc. The Calendar Manager is aware of which events have this new status.
  • When your date is secure, please give all event/activity details to the Calendar Manager for appropriate promotions. See Important Tips below for various options that are available to you.
  • If your venue will be utilizing certain school property areas, it is necessary to reserve the space(s) appropriately - Cafeterias, Gymnasiums, JH/SH Diner, Chapels, JH/SH Conference Room, etc. (The Calendar Manager can help with this, if you aren't a staff member.  (Staff members can reserve these spaces on their own on the internally used calendars.)
  • If your venue happens to be held on the premises of one of our campuses, it is imperative that you follow any posted setup or cleanup guidelines, which are posted in each of the rooms (i.e. cafeterias, conference room, JH/SH diner, etc.). If you are using a space where these guidelines aren't posted, the rule becomes "leave the space better/cleaner than you found it." No custodial staff member is required to cleanup after your event; it is all your responsibility, including taking out trash and cleaning the floors.
  • It is imperative that you check the bathrooms that were used as well, looking for anything "major" that needs to be addressed right away. Examples would be full trash or clogged toilet, etc. Please do what needs to be done, because the CCS cleaning staff does not come after events to cleanup; that is the responsibility of the event planner/coordinator. And our building is used every week by a local church organization, and they pay to have a clean, organized facility.
  • If your venue will require any A/V equipment (i.e. in one of the Chapels), it is your responsibility to take care of that. Please note: The Chapel Leadership Director may be able to assist you, but no staff is required to handle this component for you. Please speak to the Chapel Leadership Director as far in advance as possible to discuss this aspect of your event. You may not be permitted to use the school's equipment. All of this will need to be discussed. (Shelly Hauer.)
  • If you would like any CCS staff to be present at your event, please talk to them as far in advance as possible. It is at their discretion whether or not to be present.
  • If your event requires that certain publications be created/printed (such as programs, flyers, postcards, posters, etc.), please submit the Event Printing/Publication Request Form to get that ball rolling. Requests for this type of printed piece need to be submitted well in advance of the event. Please, know it is up to the P.R. Department to approve whether or not printed materials are within the current budget and if they can schedule it with other projects already being worked on. All flyers not created by the PR department require an edit through the PR department prior to distribution, please. The PR department can also often print your own flyer for you. Contact Sarah Cotterill.

Important Tips

(Following these tips will allow our event to be more successful and more organized.)

  • Start planning ASAP! Too many events/activities aren't as successful as they could have been because there was not enough time to properly promote/communicate about it to other CCS family and/or the public.
  • Choosing the best date is key. Please work WITH the Calendar Manager when choosing your date. There are many activities going on at both campuses on a given date that could be in conflict with your event.
  • Ask the P.R. Department to help promote your event/activity. This department is responsible for the following media venues. (Not all events/activities will warrant using every media venue; it's up to the discretion of the P.R. Department what venues can be utilized within the CCS promotions budget.)
    • CCS Facebook page
    • The VIP Report (emailed weekly to all families, students and staff)
    • Related emails or special mailings (only when given enough prior notice and only if it is within the CCS pre-approved promotions budget)

Attention: Athletic & Theatre Boosters, PTF, Teachers

Please note: If your event is an annual event/activity and/or if it's already on the planning calendar, please don't make the assumption that the Calendar Manager has the details. Usually the only detail known is the date. (Examples: Concerts, Fairs, PTF fundraisers)

Always 'err on the side of "over" communicating information.