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Connection Opportunities

There are and will be many opportunities for CCS families, students and teachers from preschool to 12th grade to engage and connect with Project Mañana. Stephanie Heid and Gina Smearsoll will communicate as the opportunities arise. There are two things to consider and keep in prayer:

  • First, each year, we have a large number of senior high students and a few teachers that are committed to traveling to the DR over spring break. They visit the students at the sister school, help with on-site work, deliver fresh water kits, hold sports camps, and crafts camps, just to name a few activities. With a trip price tag of about $1500 each, many of these students stepped out in obedience but are going to be working hard on fundraising. (Current Fundraisers - see the Project Mañana section of the webpage for this year's opportunities.)

    Our goal each school year is to connect each elementary class, junior, and senior high school grade, sports team, club, etc. with one of these students, in the hopes that they can be covered in prayer and supported financially.

    For the elementary connections, the senior high students visit the elementary class they have been assigned to, so the younger students can meet them, and hear details about what we are doing. They will also be present at some of the music concerts to meet families. After the DR trip, the students often show pictures and talk about their trip to all who supported them, specifically the elementary classes. (International Music Showcase)
  • Second, photos of the students in the DR are in specified classrooms on both campuses, so each class can be praying for them and their families. We also send pictures of our CCS classes to our sister school to ask for prayer at their end.

    Gina and Stephanie are always open to ideas about how to connect the students in CCS classes to the students in the DR. Can you make a video to introduce yourselves? Can you send cards one month? Can you organize a hands-on science lesson for them on a topic and then have a Spanish class translate it for you? Can you write a children's book? You get the idea; come up with your own!

2016-2017 School Year - Winter Trip:  February 17-24, 2017
2016-2017 School Year - Spring Trip:  April 8-15, 2017

Check out the video from Project Mañana showing the students there getting shoes. Here's hoping it will make you smile to see the adorable faces of our sister school students!

Project Mañana Shoe Drop (video)