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Communication between teachers, staff, coaches, advisers, and other CCS employees with parents is a critical part of our partnership. We strive to keep everyone up to date with the latest and greatest information and to reply to phone calls, emails, and other contacts as quickly as possible.

This communication takes many forms, using the most up to date technology as often as possible. We use several tools and resources to meet the needs and/or preferences of our parents. To access the most up-to-date CCS information, please regularly read:

  • The VIP Report, emailed weekly
  • OneCallNow is a telephone-based communication system. It's used sparingly, mostly for emergency information, so listen carefully if you receive a CCS call.
  • The CCS Facebook daily news release posts
  • "Cougar News Releases" section of our website (on homepage, click "view all")
  • Sam’s Spotlight, regular news release emails
  • PowerSchool (Haiku) “Extras” tab and RenWeb online systems for students, parents and staff
  • Computer Help Desk webpage and email address: Send an Email
  • The Paw Print Junior/Senior High Campus quarterly student newspaper
  • Elementary Campus News, Elementary Campus weekly newsletter
  • Athletics Department
  • The CCS website: You're on it! Check out the news releases located on the home page under “Stay Up-To-Date.” This partial list pulls the newest news releases on a moment-by-moment basis throughout the school year.
  • Volunteer Opportunities Lists available for each campus ("Volunteering" tab, left column)
  • Parent/Student Handbook is available online or in hard copy in the main office of either campus.
  • The CCS Family Directory booklet will again be available through RenWeb. Hard copies will be available upon request by mid-September.

PowerSchool (Haiku)

Haiku is the learning management system CCS uses. It is an online system used to provide classroom content (assignments, grades, calendars, emails, etc.) from teachers to students, 4th grade through 12th grade. It is highly recommended that parents access Haiku regularly, even daily, to keep informed of their child’s performance and, more importantly, to be able to discuss with them what they are learning on a regular basis. There are special parent communication tabs found through the “Extras” button. Tab examples include:

  • A homeroom tab
  • A tab(s) for whatever extracurricular you child may be in
  • A special trips tab if applicable (8th graders will have a Washington, D.C. trip tab.)
  • The Guidance Counselor puts information on a tab found under the “Extras” button as well, which could include special testing dates, college planning tips, scholarship leads, etc.

Haiku is available 24/7 from home, work or on the road.


RenWeb is the student information system CCS uses. This database houses students’ personal information.  It is also used to produce report cards and transcripts. RenWeb provides parents with password-secure access to their children’s data, via ParentsWeb, such as attendance, discipline records, and class schedules. It is also where a parent can access the school directory and record their volunteer hours throughout each school year. ParentsWeb is available 24/7 from home, work or on the road. (FYI: There is a RenWeb app available for your phone.)

The CCS Website

Our website,, is our most comprehensive location for information. It has a wide array of resources for both current and prospective parents. Just on the homepage alone is:

  • a “Stay Up-to-Date” list that pulls a few of our most recent CCS student news releases,
  • a “Latest Events” list that automatically pulls a few events listed next from our live calendar,
  • a “Quick Links” list that puts you a click away from key informational spots on the site,
  • a link to our comprehensive school calendar (top right).

The “Parents” section contains particularly helpful information for parents, including necessary forms, reference documents, CCS/parent communication tools, and much more!  Be sure to visit the site on a regular basis!

The VIP Report

The VIP Report is the most up to date source for information about the different activities, events, and obligations going on at CCS. It provides information for all campuses, the Elementary Campus, The Junior/Senior High Campus, Cougar Athletics, and much more. The VIP Report is emailed out on Thursday afternoons, except for summer and holidays. If you are not currently receiving the VIP Report, please email Sarah Cotterill, Public Relations Assistant.

Sam’s Spotlight

Sam’s Spotlight is a regularly sent email that shares student and/or staff school-related accomplishments. These accomplishments take the form of a list of quick news releases which may include a link to a more detailed story on our CCS website. We are aware that not all families utilize Facebook, so some of the same CCS Facebook page news release posts will be in the Sam’s Spotlight emails.


This section of our website has the CCS news releases and changes almost daily. You can access it from the home page, which will list the three most recent releases, then click "view all" to see them all. If you click on the individual news release, then you will be able to read the entire story complete with a photo! Check it regularly to be in-the-know!

The Paw Print and Elementary Campus News Newsletters

  • The quarterly newspaper, The Paw Print, is generated by a group of Junior/Senior High students and is distributed to the students. Printed copies are in the campus lobbies, and it can be viewed on our website, “Parents” section, “Communications” tab.
  • On a weekly basis, The Elementary Campus News is generated at the Elementary Campus and are sent home in student backpacks. Printed copies are in the campus lobbies, and it can be viewed on our website, “Parents” section, “Communications” tab.

Volunteer Opportunities List

This list of parent/family volunteer opportunities, by campus, is generated at the beginning of each school year and is updated a couple of times throughout that school year. It is a dynamic document and will probably not include every single opportunity available, but it gives a good idea to parents where volunteer help is needed. The list is located on the CCS website, under the “Parents” section, “Volunteering” tab, as well as printed and available in the lobby of each campus. As always, any volunteering can be counted toward your annual 20 hour volunteer commitment, which we encourage you to record and track on RenWeb. (For full volunteer-related details, please reference the Parent Volunteering Information document, which is available on the website, “Parents” section, “Volunteering” tab.


OneCallNow is a telephone based communication system. Used sparingly, CCS will, at times, send out an important message via telephone to every family to share important, urgent news. This is most frequently used for items like school closings for inclement winter weather. Please contact Peggy Head if you aren’t receiving these calls.


CCS maintains a variety of email lists that exist to send out timely messages from our administration, faculty and staff to our parents and friends. These lists are developed and maintained by both the Public Relations and the Information Technology Departments. (Be sure to check your span or promotions folders if it appears you haven’t been receiving these emails.)


Like us on Facebook

CCS maintains an active Facebook page that currently has over 1,300 followers! We share information about special events, outstanding accomplishments, and much more! You can also connect with fellow parents and alumni as well. Just go onto Facebook, search for “Cincinnati Christian Schools” and “like” our page, so you can be notified regularly of exciting CCS news releases and upcoming activities and events. Join in! Click here to do so: CCS Facebook Page.