Clever Crazes Hoodies Winners-April

Clever Crazes

Clever Crazes for Kids® ( is a not-for-profit, TRUSTe certified, child safe website. Their mission is to be an asset for educators, parents and guardians to boost academics, build strong minds, core ethics, and healthy bodies for kids and their families. Clever Crazes for Kids® brings to homes, classrooms and After-School Programs across the country, new and exciting ways to engage kids in learning about STEM and how Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics are integrated into their everyday lives. And now CCK has added Arts (turning STEM into STEAM) to demonstrate how visual arts, dance, and music interact with the other aspects of their lives.

All of this is part of the interconnected web of wellness—healthy planet, healthy relationships, and healthy individuals. Strong minds are built on healthy and energetic bodies. Reducing the incidence of childhood obesity will result in children who are better learners in school and who, as adults, will have a lower incidence of heart disease, diabetes, certain cancers, depression and other diseases that impact the health of our economy and workplaces.

CCS Elementary Campus students participate in Clever Crazes throughout each school year.