Boys' Basketball

Coaching Staff

There have been a few recent coaching changes for the upcoming school year.

  • Coach Ben Gillens: Head Junior High Coach responsible for the entire Junior High Program
  • Coach Kevin McKinnon: Junior High Assistant Coach
  • Coach McCartney (Coach Mac): Head Freshman Coach
    Note: This does not relieve him of his Head Varsity Assistant Coach position/duties.
  • Coach Brian Oates: Junior Varsity Assistant Coach/Varsity Assistant
  • Coach Jake Lammers: Junior Varsity Head Coach

New addition: Coach Adam Deckard (Junior Varsity/Varsity Assistant) - See details below.

Practice, Open Gyms, and Workouts

We will officially begin player development and open gyms next Wednesday, September 7th.  Please contact the Athletic Department for specific information or email Coach Woods via email.

Couple of thoughts/notes to keep in mind should you have forgotten.

  • Open gyms are open to CCS students as well as those in the community so feel free to invite a friend or two.
  • Player Development sessions are limited to 4 players per hour!  For example, 1 group would train from 7-8PM then another from 8-9PM.  We'll be able to cycle more players through on Saturdays.
  • Players should contact the respective coach they were assigned to for the summer for coordinating a time/day they should train.
  • Players who are in fall sports are encouraged to contact their respective coach for a time/day they should train if their academics are in order and they want to train on their off days to shake some of the rust off and/or to keep things fine tuned.


Important Season Information

The boys basketball season officially begins on Friday November 4th this year.

We will have our tryouts on Friday November 4th and Saturday November 5th.

There is no school on Thursday and Friday that week due to parent/teacher conferences, fall break (as some may call it) and so on. However, we still will begin our season on Friday November 4th.

Off-Season/AAU Basketball - Part 1

Parents of 7th and 8th grade students who want to put teams together in the spring, please print the document at the link listed below.  It will answer 99% of their questions.  Also, please let the school season finish first!

Off-Season/AAU Basketball – Part 2 - Important

All players reminder: Do not to participate in any non-school (spring basketball/AAU) basketball workouts, tryouts, ‘showcases’ (or by other names), etc. until your school season is complete. Any player that does so becomes immediately ineligible to play for a school team. Should anyone have encountered this or been approached to do otherwise, let us know immediately. AAU teams are calling and trying to solidify their rosters, so please do not get tricked into attending any workouts or tryouts as they will tell you it is closed doors and no one would know. Don't fall for it!

CCS Article in The Journal News

The Cincinnati Christian School boys basketball team lives by the motto to “stay hungry, stay humble and stay driven.” See this and read more!