Wardrobe Wednesday

You may be out of dress code and wear the following on designated Wednesdays:

  • Jeans (regular jeans rules apply), athletic shorts, or sweatpants. *No pajama or yoga pants.
  • Any modest & appropriate shirt, t-shirt, or sweatshirt. *No hoods.
  • Any appropriate hat.
  • Flip flops or athletic sandals.
  • Dresses of appropriate length with short or long sleeves. *No sleeveless or spaghetti straps.

If you wish to participate in Wardrobe Wednesday, you must prepay $18 for the first semester by Friday, August 28. Wardrobe Wednesday will not be available for purchase on a weekly basis. It must be purchased at the beginning of the semester.

You will be credited for any Wednesday that is missed because of a school shutdown.

Write “Wardrobe Wednesday” on an envelope, enclose $18, and turn it in at the front office, or pay Mrs. McKain in room 219.

Thank you for supporting our prom fundraiser!  –The Junior Class