Art Showcase Attendees

Senior High Art Showcase

CCS Art Department Seniors annually put on their Senior Art Showcase. This on-campus event is a special way for these students to publicly exhibit their art. ALL art mediums are usually represented (painting, drawing, photography, fashion, sculpture, 3D, jewelry, etc. Poetry and musical arts expression have even debuted at these events!

2014-2015 Senior High Art Showcase

Art ExhibitThis particular event blew the minds of attendees in a couple of ways! Not only was the event's agenda a huge fine arts variety and very entertaining, but to see the talent of our students and to learn of their accomplishments, awards, and scholarships was pride-inducing! Here are just some highlights, all performed and exhibited by our CCS students:

  • full catered and served-by-students Italian meal
  • piano and voice solo entertainment
  • senior art displays around the entire venue, including paintings, drawings, photography, jewelry, ceramics, sculpture...
  • Aurasma app technology on Ipads allowed patrons to hold Ipad up to a student's art piece and a video of that student would pop up on the screen to describe their piece.
  • full fashion show, complete with runway
  • poetry readings, including a set-to-music rap

Mrs. Ashford gave awards and shared each student's accomplishments, scholarships and any art-related college plans. Special thank you to Senior,  Alyssa Washington, who organized the event. Mrs. Ashford said of her students, "If you would have told me when I started how far our art program would go, I would have said you were crazy." Our Art Department's programs are a force to be reckoned with; such talent!  We are so inspired and proud! Well done, students!

2015 Senior Art Showcase in Local News

On June 3rd, WCPO Insider highlighted our Junior/Senior High Campus Art Department and their use of augmented reality to enhance their guests' showcase experience.

The journalist quoted Mrs. Britni Ashford (JH/SH Art Teacher), Mrs. Courtney Rice (JH/SH Librarian/Media Specialist), Mrs. Enos (JH/SH Principal), as well as recently graduated Seniors, Sarah Bennett and Hannah Smith, regarding some very unique teaching and mentoring aspects within our CCS Art Department.

Read the entire article here.