Students making heart shapes with their hands

Art Portfolio Program

AP Studio Art is our more intensive in-studio course offered every other year. It is 10 hours/week in class and 20+ hours/week out of class, including the creation of a 24-piece portfolio completion requirement. At the end of this course, the portfolio is submitted as the student's State of Ohio AP Exam, and is typically only taken by students who plan to pursue attendance at an art university/college. Most of the students involved in this program receive scholarships. (See the Program Highlights for Junior/Senior High Campus tab in the left column.)

Portfolio Prep is offered the opposing year AP Studio Art if offered and is a less intense version of AP Studio Art. This course will allow students to build a portfolio and also prep them for AP Studio Art.

AP Studio Art and Portfolio Prep students are challenged to choose a specific skill set, then can use any and all mediums (textiles, fashion, painting, drawing, ceramics, sculpture, graphic arts, photography, etc.) for which to create their portfolio. These classes challenge the student as an artist to make their own decisions, and both classes will prepare a student for college.

CCS Art Portfolio Program Highlights

  • have flexible course objectives that are student-specific (especially for the more intense, art-focused students)
  • open up the world of many mediums
  • teach professionalism and the life skills needed for professional success
  • teach networking and communication skills needed for professional success (with any career and then with art schools, as soon as you know art is your preferred artistic discipline)
  • enhance student's understanding of deadlines
  • require multiple college portfolio reviews (real-life experience and critiques with local area art schools)
  • prepare students for college entrance and their professional future success
  • receive the highest regards from graduated CCS students praising the experience as true preparation for their professional career

Within our Art Portfolio Program, courses that aid in building a healthy college portfolio include:

  • AP Studio Art
  • AP Portfolio Prep
  • private lessons are available to students for one-on-on portfolio building

AP Studio Art Exam: This is offered only every other year; 2016-2017 is an "on" year. Portfolio (completion of 24 works) is required and due to Mrs. Ashford with specific criteria met.