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Home School Opportunities

As our Mission Statement shares, Cincinnati Christian Schools partners with Christian families to educate Christian children. While our primary focus is to provide full-time opportunities to young people, we also value the opportunity to partner with home school families to supplement their learning through part-time enrollment at the Senior High level (9th-12th Grades).

CCS offers the Home 2 School Connection, a program which is designed to combine many of the advantages of home school instruction with a traditional secondary school program. It allows students who are currently receiving home school instruction to receive many of the benefits which may be available only in a traditional school environment.

Home 2 School Connection Services

Menu Services

The Menu Service Program allows home school students to enroll in as many CCS courses as classroom size allows. Students are charged an application fee and a fee for each course taken.  Students will receive a standard CCS report card and interim report, but a permanent record of course work will not be maintained by the school.

Menu students are not officially CCS students and are therefore not eligible for extra-curricular or similar activities. Menu students are responsible for all CCS behavioral and academic guidelines, as outlined in the student handbook, while attending classes.

Satellite Services

Students entering the Satellite Program technically cease to be home school students and officially become CCS students. Satellite Students are charged an application fee, a Satellite Student fee (which includes one on-campus course), and a set fee for each additional course. Students must take at least one on-campus course and may take as many courses as classroom size allows. The remainder of the students’ course work is completed in independent home school instruction which is consistent with the program’s accountability requirements.

Because Satellite Students are officially CCS students, all of their course work, both on-campus and home school instruction, is maintained in a permanent file by the school.  Satellite Students are eligible for extra-curricular activities (athletics, drama, etc.), mission trips, National Honor Society, and many other programs available to CCS students.  Satellite Students may earn a CCS diploma and participate in the commencement activities with other graduating seniors.  Satellite Students are not eligible for Valedictorian and Salutatorian honors or for election as class officers.

Application Process and Other Information

Parents interested in learning more about the Home 2 School Connection should download an informational packet here: Home 2 School Connection.

This packet will outline all of the program details such as cost, application process, requirements, and more.

As part of the application process it will be necessary to complete a variety of admissions forms. These forms, along with instructions on how to complete them, can be accessed online here: Admissions Process and Forms. Please be sure to follow all guidelines and directions for 7th-12th Grades.

Contact Information

For more information contact the Admissions Office at (513) 892-8500 or the Home-2-School Connection Director, Mr. Wayne Beaver, at (513) 892-8500.