Financial aid

Financial Aid

CCS believes that every child deserves the privilege of receiving a Christian education, regardless of their circumstances. Because of this belief, we have created numerous financial aid opportunities to remove as many barriers as possible for prospective students.

The deadline for filing for financial assistance is always April 30th, or until budgeted funds have been exhausted, or until the Work Program has been fully staffed. After review of all applications processed, the actual awards will begin in May, when award letters are mailed.  

Important Note:  All types of financial aid must be applied for each year.

Direct Financial Aid

Direct financial aid for tuition is available each year to families with financial need. Awards of direct aid are made by the Financial Aid Committee based upon financial need, the student’s school record,and availability of funds. Families who would like to apply must do the following:

  • Read and follow the instructions on the Financial Assistance for 2018-2019 Instructions document, which will ask each family to -
    • complete an online financial aid application and pay the fee within the filing deadline of April 30th,
    • submit the necessary supporting documentation directly to FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment
  • Contact the CCS Admissions Office with questions via email

Please Apply Online

This online application will be processed electronically by an independent company for a cost of $30.00.

The average financial aid award varies by grade level:

  • Elementary (Kindergarten through 6th) – $1,600
  • Junior High ( 7th and 8th) – $1,900
  • Senior High (9th through 12th) – $1,900

Indirect Financial Aid - Work (Cleaning) Program

This program is designed to help defray tuition costs. Families that are interested in this program must follow the steps on the 2018-2019 Work Program document, which will ask them to complete the online financial aid application, as stipulated in the Direct Financial Aid section above.

A tuition offset of $3,000 is provided for the weekly work commitment. Space in this program is very limited.

Please contact the CCS Admissions Office with any questions via email.