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Guidance Office

Our Guidance Office is a Junior/Senior High parent resource that should not be overlooked.  This office houses information helpful to all CCS students and families, from standardized testing information to a seemingly unending list of resources for college-bound students.  

The Guidance Office communicates very regularly with parents and students through:

  • PowerSchool (Haiku)
    (See notes below.)
  • Departmental webpages
    (Look to the left column now for these resource tabs and click on each! Please notice that there are even more sub-tabs which are not visible unless you click on the tabs to the left.)
  • The VIP Report (a weekly email to parents)

The main way to access the information applicable to your family and your student(s) is through their specially created and regularly updated PowerSchool (Haiku) tabs. Please, we encourage all parents to visit their Haiku tabs often. This is the place for up-to-date information to parents from the Guidance Office, as well as the student's homeroom teacher, etc., and it's grade-specific!  So if you have a senior, the information will probably include many items regarding preparing for college and special school activities for seniors. You will find communications about field trips, grade-specific events/activities and helps, just to name a couple of things.  You get the idea!  Check these regularly:

  • The "Homeroom" tab houses plenty of new information.
  • Then the "From the Counselor" tab under the Homeroom tab adds another level of grade-specific information from the Guidance Counselor.

PowerSchool (Haiku)/RenWeb Information


Click the Powerschool (Haiku) icon in the upper right corner of this website screen to access Haiku.

It will take you to where you can sign in with your parent user name and passcode.  (This was sent home with your student at the beginning of the school year.)  If you experience any difficulty accessing Haiku in this way, please try again from a different browser.

Guidance Office's BrochuresLook to the left column for other resources from your counselor!
Check it out!

Guidance Office Staff:

  • Our Guidance Counselor is located at the Junior/Senior High Campus - Amy DePew at (513) 892-8500, ext. 1057.
  • Mrs. DePew's Assistant is Jennifer Ploetz at (513) 892-8500, ext. 1042.

Check out the Guidance Office wall board, as well as the vast variety of helpful brochures and information!  (Both are located just outside the door to the Guidance Office, JH/SH Campus.)