Please read below to learn more about the curriculum of the Elementary Campus.

  • Reading: Grades 1 – 3 use Houghton Mifflin Houghton Mifflin which exposes the
    students to a phonics-based curriculum that showcases good literature. The
    integrated curricular approach allows for the students to see the “reasons” for the
    reading/writing process. Reading, grammar and spelling are integrated in this
    textbook series.
  • Reading: Grades 4 – 6 use trade novels that align with content areas (Social
    Studies or Science) as well as relevant non-fiction literature that aligns with state
    standards. To meet grammar requirements, we use the Shurley English program
    which helps students break down sentences by using a “sentence flow”.
  • Language Arts: Grades 1-6, Shurley English-students learn the parts of language
    through the use of jingles.
  • Writing: All students, kindergarten through sixth grade spend time creating a
    portfolio of required pieces. Students are taught writing techniques using the 4
    Square writing method and the 6 + 1 traits writing method.
  • Mathematics: Houghton Mifflin – kindergarten through sixth grade
  • Science: McGraw Hill – kindergarten through sixth grade
  • Social Studies: Houghton Mifflin – kindergarten through sixth grade
  • Bible:
    • Kindergarten to 3rd Grade: Purposeful Design (ACSI)
    • 4th Grade: Answers in Genesis
    • 5th Grade: Positive Action- Route 66: This study is designed to provide that
      introduction to basic knowledge of the Word of God and prepare students for the
      rich truths of Scripture.
    • 6th Grade: Positive Action-Life of Christ: The purpose of The Life of Christ from
      the Gospel of John is to make Jesus Christ real to our students. Our hope as
      they journey through this, students will not only know Jesus more, but also love Him more.