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College Bound - Resources

The following list of documents contain information that might be helpful to you:

FAFSA - Help with Completion

Upcoming College Fairs




College Planning/Preparation Helps

  • College Guidance: Information that may help guide you from the College Board website.
  • College Steps Program: This website holds information from tips on taking the ACT/SAT to how to pay for college to blogging once you're in college.
  • This website holds a plethora or planning and prep helpful information with, not only virtual college tours, but checklists for 8th through 12th grades, advice for parents, shopping lists, scholarship and career path information!
  • This is a collection of career guides, providing students with several paths of study, specializations, and breakdown of career opportunities within each field.

Scholarship Information and Opportunities

National Merit® Scholarships

Career Info/Opportunities and Misc. Resources

Student Visits to Colleges/Universities - CCS Policy
(Please, these are guidelines that must be followed.)

LEAP (Learning Enrichment & Assistance Program)

This is a local organization that specializes in holding various workshops, seminars, and camps that help students (and parents) prepare for college and stand out in the crowd. For example, LEAP holds workshops for the following:

  • Writing college application essays
  • ACT/SAT essentials prep and tutoring
  • College application completion
  • Financial aid essentials
  • Career coaching
  • Resume writing

Go to this link for more details.

Miscellaneous Resources

Accredited Schools Online (also have rankings for online colleges)

Also, please click on the other tabs and sub-tabs in the left column that may help you/your student look ahead to college.