New Teachers at CCS

New Teachers at CCS

CCS welcomes new teachers!

So many new faces are seen at the start of the New Year. There are new students in almost every grade. Have you noticed some new faces that belong to the teachers?


This year our school got two new teachers and one returning teacher: Miss Rachel Waltz, Mrs. Tammy Whitton, and Mrs. Teri Dyer.


Ms. Waltz is the new junior high Social Studies teacher this year. She grew up around here and went to Fairfield for school and Lee University for college.


Before coming to CCS, Miss Waltz taught abroad in Thailand. She taught English to kindergarten students who only spoke Thai, which is something she did not speak.


She heard about CCS through a few friends who went here and loved it although she had heard about it growing up as well.


Some people go throughout high school switching what they want to major in all the time and even then, get to college and change their major. For Ms. Waltz that wasn’t the case. She has wanted to be a teacher since she was in first grade.


What led her to CCS is a calling from God. She said, “Last year I was teaching abroad in Thailand. So, I thought I wanted to teacher abroad again. I applied for a teaching position in Spain. I have friends through CCS and applied here as well. I had an interview scheduled here and also got the job in Spain. I took a risk and turned the job down in Spain. Without having a job here. I felt like God was calling me here.”


Mrs. Whitton is the learning specialist here. She is also from this area. For college, she went to NKU (Northern Kentucky University). Before coming to CCS, Mrs. Whitton worked at Fairfield Middle School.


She heard about CCS through her nephew, sophomore Austin Whitton. She said that “he is always talking about it and loves it.” Her son freshman, Connor Whitton, wanted to come here and that is what led her to apply here.


 Mrs. Whitton, like Ms. Waltz, also knew from a young age that she wanted to be a teacher. She said. “I was in third grade and I had an amazing teacher.”


Mrs. Dyer helps Mrs. Kennedy with the band. Students who have been a CCS for a while might remember when she was the assistant band director with Mr. Biddle. Mrs. Dyer is also the mom of senior Grace Dyer.


- CCS PawPrint article by Lindsey Carney