Veterans Day Service

Veterans Day Service

A tradition of honoring our Veterans

Veterans Day is the day we honor all the veterans who served our country and worked hard to keep it safe. It is hard to believe all the courageous stories these people tell.


CCS likes to honor these people on Veterans Day by having an assembly. The officers of the National Honor Society plan the assembly and NHS members work on setting up, greeting the veterans, and clean up afterward.


Jacqueline Biddle, president of NHS, said that the veterans would not only hear a genuine “thank you” from high school student body, but also from the elementary campus. She also says that this assembly makes them feel special and that some of them never really had a welcome home, so this gives that to those Veterans.


Many people will be showing up to this. Not only the student body but also the families and friends of the Veterans.


Susan Zaffiro, NHS advisor, said that they hope to have 75 veterans attend this year. Last year, we had over 100 including their families and friends so there should be a lot of people here to support our troops.


Mrs. Zaffiro goes on to say that she, personally, has many friends who are veterans and have come over the years to this event. She said, “They find it very meaningful and really appreciate that young people would take the time to honor them in this way.” She wants to focus on the students who are involved in this day and to thank them for all the hard work they put in it.


Mrs. Zaffiro also wants to thank Mrs. Kennedy and Mrs. Gross who put together the music for this assembly.


To honor these Veterans means a lot to them. It means a lot to the families who had a family member in the military.

- CCS PawPrint article by Emily Chapin