Perfect Game, Unforgettable Season

Perfect Game, Unforgettable Season

Players storm pitcher's mound after Zach Bush’s perfect game! (Photo courtesy of Anne Lunt)

Although the season started out rough, the baseball team is going out with a bang with a perfect game last week and a successful season overall.

A perfect game takes place when the other team doesn’t get any hits, and no one gets on base. Senior Zach Bush pitched a perfect game, with senior Alec Gregory as the catcher. Zach said that around the fourth or fifth inning it became real to him. He tried to isolate himself throughout the remainder of the game to really try to focus and so the commotion wouldn’t kill his vibe. Alec, on the other hand, didn’t even realize it was a perfect game for the majority of it.

Overall, the team has had a very successful season. Many players improved throughout the season and, according to Zach and Alec, they really learned how to focus as a team. The players shared that the baseball team as a very strong team bond.

To Zach, what stands out the most about this season is that the boys are not just teammates, but brothers. Of all the teams he has played on in the past, Zach said he’s never felt that anywhere else.

“The guys are looking out for each other,” Zach shared, saying that the team is always there to cheer on one another- even if they’re on the bench. “Sometimes the bench players are more into the game than the guys on the field,” Zach said.

The team believes they have a pretty strong chance in tournaments. Since they have had so much improvement this season, they feel that they can beat more teams than they could at the beginning of the season.

There are six seniors playing on the baseball team this year: Nolan Crow, Stephen Lunt, Daniel Nimmo, Alec Gregory, Zach Bush, and Sam Wells. Out of those six, only Zach and Alec will be continuing their baseball career in college. Zach will be playing next year at San Diego Christian, and Alec will be playing at Miami Hamilton.

- CCS PawPrint article by Lauren Taylor