Tradetown and Science Cougar Mall Enthralls All

Tradetown and Science Cougar Mall Enthralls All

Mayor of Fairfield, Steve Miller, 2017 Vice Mayor, Bill Woeste, and newly elected Tradetown officials

Tradetown, coinciding purposefully with a Cougar Mall, are elementary campus annual events that are highly anticipated each fall!  Tradetown is a campus-wide learning endeavor where students learn about supply and demand, marketing, product development, and sales strategies. They develop a product, manufacture it, then take it to market.

In addition to the wonderful lessons students learn about markets, several other significant traditions have grown from the process.   A "Tradetown" government is created, where a mayor, vice mayor, police chief, and other officers are elected by the students and inaugurated. Each candidate delivered a speech to the student body about how they would institute positive changes for Tradetown businesses. The Mayor of Fairfield swears-in the Tradetown student mayor each year.

Congratulations to this year's newly elected town officers:  Mayor - Preston Rosenberg, Vice Mayor - Sydney Howard, Chief of Police - Brandon Rogers (see photo).

This school year, the fall Cougar Mall theme was science.   At the Science Cougar Mall the students sold their products, and in the chapel science fun abounded!  Mrs. Uffman facilitated the guest appearance of Randi the penguin from the Newport Aquarium, and some of our senior high students even joined the fun and performed experiments for the younger students.

What an excellent real-world learning adventure!  Way to go, Cougars!

In 1999, CCS became the "lighthouse" pilot program for the Tradetown concept in Greater Cincinnati. Click here for details about how this tradition began.